Our Services

Outbound Call Center

Combining two decades of customer acquisition experience with superior sales methodologies and advanced dialer technology, SOMNIATORES delivers performance to enhance your sales revenue and profits overcoming common sales challenges across multiple channels. SOMNIATORES’s outbound solutions help to drive incremental sales, increase market share and strengthen customer relationships. Your investment in SOMNIATORES’s outbound services will pay a huge dividend in terms of superior customer experience and quality services.

From the very beginning of implementing your outbound campaign, team maps the revenue generation process with KPI’S in order to ensure that your sales objectives are aligned with business goals. Efforts are made with creative customer engagement techniques in mind and deployed by SOMNIATORES’s team that is highly experienced in outbound sales as well as call center operations in a variety of industries. SOMNIATORES understands the complexities of different business models and brings our expertise to implement an efficient and effective outsourcing solution.

List of our key outbound call center services

1. B2B / B2C Customer Acquisition

2. Appointment Setting

3. Research and Survey

4. Product and Service Promotions

5. Email Service

Lead Generation

Traditional methods of marketing rely on large quantities of contacts where the quality of those B2B contacts is assessed only after the fact through conversion rate metrics. Imagine a newer model where quality comes first. Would it make a difference if you invest your efforts from the start on marketing qualified leads generated from a targeted b2b contact or email list? How much more successful could you be? SOMNIATORES’s Content Syndication model will let your marketing team get their hands on pre-vetted leads that have already expressed interest in learning more about what you have to offer, be it through whitepaper or webinar. What if you could directly target this inspirational penthouse composed exclusively with your best leads? Let SOMNIATORES be your elevator. We’ll get you to the top floor.

Back Office Support

SOMNIATORES provides data strategy, solutions, services designed to solve complex business requirements and achieve results. By coupling our IT management and business process outsourcing services with in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, we provide business-focused data solutions tailored to your strategic goals.  BPO Services at SOMNIATORES help you increase your company’s flexibility. We help you focus on your core competencies, without being burdened by the demands of time consuming bureaucratic restraints. We help relieve your key employees from non-core processes, hence enabling them to invest more time and energy in building the firm’s core businesses. We help take your company’s technical support to new levels. We combine our complex analysis, transitioning and integration expertise and recognized high-quality delivery to manage end-to-end, high-value results for you. We specialize in providing high quality knowledge based intelligent data solutions in efficient timely yet cost effective manner.

Form Processing

We help our clients to convert essential information stored in forms into an easy-to-access electronic format so that they can run their business efficiently. Our professionals can handle effectively any type of handwritten and typed or printed forms, whether they need to perform online form processing or offline forms data entry. The forms processing services provided by us enable you to digitize your hard copy forms precisely and access them anywhere in the world using internet.

We offer high quality form processing services at cost-effective prices for small as well as large business organizations. To deliver you excellent quality in short turnaround time, we are fully equipped with superior technology, techniques and workforce. Our form processing specialties can extract needed information accurately from both hardcopy and scanned forms. With our proven methodology, we can process large volumes of forms and organize them into an editable format for easy retrieval.

List of our key forms processing services

Our form processing services specialists are adept at capturing information from customized or structured forms, scanned images and faxes. Also, we can deliver you results in a variety of digital file formats including Ms Word, Access, Excel, TXT, etc. To provide you best-in-class quality in form processing outcome, we employ double entry system and strict quality assurance process. Here are some of the areas, we cover in our forms processing service:

1. Application Forms

2. Questionnaires / Surveys

3. Medical Forms

4. Warranty Cards

5. Loans Application Processing

6. Insurance Claims Forms

7. Accounts, Tax and Legal Forms

8. Resume Processing

9. Market Research Forms

10. Data Conversion

11. Coupon Redemption Forms

12. Utility Bills Processing

13. Enrolment / Registration Form

14. Online Forms Processing